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‘Working Towards Getting the Roof Right First Time’ IXth International Waterproofing Association Congress,
Amsterdam, Netherlands. April 1995 
‘The Electrical Earth Leakage Technique for Locating Holes in Roof Membranes’ Fourth International Symposium on Roofing Technology,
Washington, USA. September 1997
‘Working Towards Sustainable Roofing : An Interim Report from the CIB / RILEM Joint Committee on Roofing Materials and Systems Task Group 2’   * Xth International Waterproofing Association Congress,
Copenhagen, Denmark. June 1998
‘Tenets of Sustainable Roofing’   * 8th Durability of Building Materials and Components Conference,
Vancouver, Canada. June 1999
‘The Uses and Performance Requirements of Steep-Slope Roof Underlays in North America and the United Kingdom’   **

North American Conference on Roofing Technology,
Toronto, Canada. September 1999

‘Wind Damage to Aluminium Standing Seam Roofs: Fatigue Failure of Aluminium Holding Down Clips International Conference on Building Envelope Systems and Technologies,
Ottawa, Canada. June 2001

*  Written jointly with TW Hutchinson, Legat Architects, Chicago, USA
** Written jointly with RJ Booth, Hansed Booth, Ontario, Canada

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