Independent technical advice
on roofing and cladding
Roberts Consulting
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In tackling a project we adopt the principles originally established by Keith Rollinson in the mid 1970’s and continued to this day. These ‘guiding principles’ are set out below:
1   Safety

A safe method of work will be adopted to gain access, carry out the investigation, and then return to ground level.

2   Scientific Approach

All investigations will follow a logical sequence to determine the facts.

3   Reference Library

The comprehensive reference library will be kept up to date.

4   Quality Reports

Reports, to an agreed format, will present the facts and discussions in a logical order, with a concise summary and clear recommendations.

5   'Commercial in Confidence'

Recognising the sensitive nature of some of the investigations, matters will be dealt with in confidence.

6   Centre of Excellence

The consultancy will be promoted at appropriate seminars and presentations.

7   Fees

Fees will be kept to a minimum by reducing abortive efforts and sharing travel costs to distant sites.

Our starting point is often a survey and investigation.