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A Paper presented at the Ninth Congress of the International Waterproofing Association,
Amsterdam, April 1995.

roof design, roof performance, roof design responsibility.


This Paper is a piece of practitioner research offering constructive feedback from investigations on a wide variety of roof types. Two common mistakes are the inadequacy of the roof design, and the widespread use of constructions that could be described as 'infirm' with narrow margins for error.

Understanding the real in-service behaviour of a roof system is complex and follows from an appreciation of the inter-relationships between four disciplines: namely waterproofing; structure; heat and vapour control; and materials science. For special situations, such as roofs above humid interiors or in exposed locations, a 'whole system' approach is even more necessary, demanding that designers have a good working knowledge of all four disciplines. Reliable and concise design guides are sought.

Responsibility for the various elements of the design work has become divided and confused, especially in the highly competitive 'design and build' form of contracts popular in the United Kingdom.

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