Independent technical advice
on roofing and cladding
Roberts Consulting
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As a starting point for a repair or refurbishment project it is good to establish the facts about the current condition of the roof. 

We undertake visual and dimensional surveys, recording the present condition on film and video as appropriate.

This may involve non-destructive testing, such as:

- capacitance moisture surveys, to identify the extent of entrapped water in a flat roof

- electrical earth leakage testing, to locate the position of punctures through a roof membrane

- vacuum seal testing, to check the effectiveness of sealed fixings on a metal sheet roof

- fastener pull-out testing, to determine the strength of the fixings that prevent the roof from blowing off

Occasionally there may be a need to open up and examine the roof construction, and we arrange this in conjunction with experienced roofing contractors.

On completion, we prepare a concise authoritative report that records the findings and gives recommendations for the way ahead. This can be accompanied with a schedule of proposed work.

We can prepare designs for new work and can carry out the contract administration. Where there is a conflict between parties, we can offer expert advice to assist with the resolution of the dispute.